17 Series Forklift (2.0-4.0t)

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Second to None, Revolutionary Forklift Trucks   Freshly Debuted Succeeding TEU’s traditional products concepts of superb performance and quality, we hereby announce a new type of forklift truck,offering incomparable ruggedness and operator-friendly features. It’s the newly debuted EFFO17.TEU has fully upgraded and redesigned EFFO17 for easier access, greater comfort,improved maneuverability,assured safety, and longer durability, thanks to TEU’s outstanding technological expertise and strengths, the EFFO17 forklift truck achieves optimum performance for its class while providing outstanding comfort and safety.

Advantages of 17 Series Forklift Truck (2.0-4.0T)

●Reliable parking lever

●Expansive floor space for easier foot maneuvering

Easier entry and exit from an extra-wide step----55% wider

Multifunctional suspension seat

Effective hydraulic system

Compact steering wheel to reduce fatigue due to a semi-circular steering wheel

Meter panel optimally located to the right of the driver’s seat

Single-piece headguard

High-mounted rear combination lights

Wider forward visibility

The customers should fully know the working environment, the maximum load and the maximum lifting height of the forklift truck, and then choose the appropriate model and configurations.

Packaging and Transportation
shipping by container 
Item FD/G20 FD/G25 FD/G30 FD/G35 FD/G40
Max. lift (VM300) mm 3000
Free lift (VM300) mm 160 160 150 150 150
Overall length (with fork) mm 3530 3600 3775 3830 3940
Total mm 1150 1150 1225 1285 1365
Mast (fork lowering) mm 1995 1995 2075 2075 2150
to head guard mm 2120 2120 2140 2140 2140
Front track mm 970 970 1000 1060 1120
Rear track mm 970 970 970 970 970
Turning radius (inside) mm 160 160 200 200 200
Turning radius (outside) mm 2170 2240 2445 2495 2530
Right angle turning aisle mm 1920 2010 2155 2205 2450