Cushion Tires Forklift (2.0-2.5t)

  • Description
  • Specifications
With 2.0 to 2.5 ton weight, smaller structure and more flexible operation, Cushion tires forklift is well-suited to apply to confined space.

1. Flexible operation.
Compared with the same type of truck lift, the length, wheelbase and turning radius of this Cushion tires forklift has reduced by 220mm (2.5T), 200mm and 210mm (2.5T), making it more flexible to operate and more suited to be applied in confined space. 

2. Fewer emission.
K21 engine, gasoline and liquefied gas mixed fuel as well as ternary catalytic silencer and microcomputer closed-loop control system are available for this Cushion tires forklift to minimize emissions and satisfy air circulation requirements of confined space. 

3. Humanized operating system.
The operating system, designed in accordance with principles of ergonomics, allows easier operation of the operator. The cylinder bracket that is easy to assemble and disassemble facilitates working. 

Maintenance of Lift Truck
1. Daily maintenance is necessary after each shift of work.
2. Level 1 technical maintenance after 100 accumulated working hours, approximately every 2 weeks.

3. Level 2 technical maintenance after 500 accumulated working hours, approximately every quarter.

Components of Forklift
1. Engine: power of this Cushion tires forklift. It converts thermal energy into mechanical energy.
2. Transmission mechanism: includes the clutch, the transmission, main transmission device, differential mechanism and half shaft, etc.
3. Control mechanism: consists of the steering system and the braking system.
4. Working mechanism: includes inside and outside mast, fork frame, cargo fork, lifting chain, roller, pulley, etc. It’s mainly utilized to lift and lower, get or stack cargos.
5. Hydraulic system: consists of the fuel tank, hydraulic pump, distributor, lifting hydraulic cylinder, tilted hydraulic cylinder. It’s applied to lift and lower as well as tilt cargos.
6. Electrical system: includes the power source part and the power usage part. It consists of storage battery, generator, starter motor, ignition system, lighting system, speaker, etc.

Operating Instructions
1. Only drivers with appropriate training and holding driver license can drive the lift truck.
2. Check the control and alarming mechanism, and any damage or defect shall be repaired before driving.
3. Cargoes lifted shall not exceed the specified load. The cargo fork shall entirely get in the cargo. Put the cargo evenly on the fork, and using a single fork to get the cargo is not allowed.
4. Smoothly start this Cushion tires forklift, turn the direction, brake and stop the lift truck. Slow down when driving on wet or slippery road or turning direction.

Packaging and Transportation
Maritime shipping in containers

1. Low vibration and noise ---to satisfy the needs of people and their living environment.
2. Low fuel consumption---Hourly fuel consumption will not exceed 6 liters under high working intensity.

Optional Engine
Load Capacity kg 2000 2500
Load Center mm 500
DIMENSIONS Max. Lifting (VM300) mm 4800
Free Lift (VM300) mm 1116
Fork Size (L × W × T) mm 1070 × 122 × 40
Overall Length (without fork) mm 2258 2310
Total mm 1150
Mast (fork lowering) mm 2156
Overall Fork Raised mm 5830
to Head Guard mm 2120
Truck Weight kg 3445 3795
TIRES Front / Rear 2/2
Front Axle 21× 8 × 15
Rear Axle 16.25 × 6 × 11.25
Rated Power kw/rpm 31.2 / 2250
Rated Torque Nm/rpm 144 / 1600
Number of Cylinders 4
Dislacement L 2.065